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Thunder Strzok

The creepiest witness to ever grace a Congressional hearing, minced in his seat and evaded questions for hours on end Thursday. His name? Peter Strzok (pronounced “Struck” for the Democrats on the committee who kept mispronouncing it). The general impression from his testimony? What a complete weirdo. It is astonishing that someone so strange, supercilious and seemingly evil reached so high a position in law enforcement.
Congressional hearings are always obnoxious but usually it’s the Congressmen and women who are weird, unprofessional, and nonsensical (and there was plenty of that) but they all were upstaged by the paragon of the executive branch, Peter Strzok. Where James Comey was haughty and buffoonish, Strzok managed to maintain a look of utter contempt for hours on end, mixed in with bizarre body language and circumlocution.
For some unfathomable reason, at the end of every Congressman’s statement, Strzok would plead for time to respond, the Republican

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