Tim Kaine vs. Corey Stewart in Virginia?: New at Reason

Corey Stewart, who called himself “Trump before Trump was Trump,” announced a run for U.S. Senate after losing the Republican gubernatorial primary in Virginia.
A. Barton Hinkle writes:

Virginia’s 2018 Senate contest could boil down to a Minnesota matchup: Kaine v. Stewart.
Tim Kaine, the Democratic incumbent, was born in Minnesota. So was Republican Corey Stewart, not that you would know it from the way he talks. To listen to him, you’d think he was the love child of Nathan Bedford Forrest and Robert E. Lee. “Politicians who are for destroying the statues, monuments, and other artifacts of history,” Stewart tweeted as New Orleans was taking down Confederate statues, “are just like ISIS.” Guess Ukraine better start putting those Lenin sculptures back up.
Kaine acts like, well, a Minnesotan. His uncharacteristic performance in the vice presidential debate against Mike Pence aside—there’s a rumor he was treated for rabies afterward—the senator is polite and down

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