Time capsule unearths frightening prophecy about Islam — this is what it says

A time capsule hidden inside a bathroom wall cavity in Sydney, Australia, revealed a letter written by a man named Greg Wilkinson in 1995 and revealed disturbing prophecies about the rise of Islam, as well as the growth of a Chinese world super power.
While renovating the home, Sasha Ilic found the letter sealed in the wall in a Sydney home and shared it in its entirety on July 12.
The letter began, “Hello whoever you are. This letter was put into this stud wall on Easter Saturday, 15th April, 1995. It is p**sing down and so a good day to be renovating.”
“I thought before a [sic] finished the last room in this house I would leave a ‘time capsule’ with the understanding that this wall would not be opened for 50-80 years unless developers get hold of the street of houses and demolish the lot before then,” the letter continued.
Wilkinson noted

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