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Tom Wolfe Leaves Us at 88

Tom Wolfe wrote journalism as a novelist and novels as a journalist. This sometimes worked.
Wolfe died at 88 on Monday after a lifelong battle with age. As a septuagenarian, he wrote I Am Charlotte Simmons, a novel about the campus hookup culture. He really did not know his place. He wore white suits in winter. He played an intellectual on television by way of downplaying his education. He obtained a Ph.D. from one of the finest institutions in America but, unlike the ever-increasing hordes who hang their hats on those three letters affixed to their names, Wolfe did his best to obscure this accomplishment. Like Thomas Wolfe, Tom Wolfe wrote four novels. But we strangely never confuse the two sons of Dixie.
The Southern gentleman in Manhattan displayed an extreme thoroughness in detailing his subjects as he invented cartoonish aspects about them. The New Journalism looked to make people characters —

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