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(Scott Johnson) In her response to my comments on her recent Trump/Russia column, Mona Charen writes: “The Wall Street Journal story about a Republican operative seeking Hillary Clinton’s hacked emails through Russia and claiming that he was working with Mike Flynn is possibly significant.”
Anything is possible, but it is highly unlikely. Mona links to Shane Harris’s June 29 Wall Street Journal story on which I commented here. Andrew McCarthy blew off Harris’s story in his NRO column “Still no collusion” and again in the American Greatness column “Collusion as farce.”
In a postscript to Harris’s story, it now turns out that Harris’s protagonist — Peter Smith — apparently committed suicide at a hotel near the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota on May 14. The Chicago Tribune reports the known facts related to Smith’s death here.
The Tribune’s long story concludes: “Peter Smith wrote two blog posts dated the day before he was

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