Top Trump advisor issues a big challenge to a former Obama aide

Sebastian Gorka, deputy assistant to President Trump, issued a big challenge to a former top aide from the Obama administration. It was in reference to a jab that CNN’s Jake Tapper made Thursday at Gorka’s academic credentials.
Gorka issued the challenge from his Twitter account in response to a suggestion by a supporter who tweeted, “[Jake Tapper] says [Ben Rhodes] would put his ‘graduate degree’ against [Sebastian Gorka’s] PhD [sic] any day of the week. Okay Jake, host the debate then.”
I’d be delighted.
What say you Mr. @brhodes?Mr. @jaketapper?
— Sebastian Gorka DrG (@SebGorka) July 16, 2017
“I’d be delighted,” he tweeted. “What say you Mr. [Rhodes,] Mr. [Tapper]?”
The tweet contained a video of a very combative exchange between Jake Tapper and Gorka. Towards the end, the Trump aide mocks a former Trump aide’s graduate degree, and Tapper jabs back at him.
Gorka criticized “policies that were borne in the beltway by people who’ve never worn

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