Trump and Kim: Who got more?

(Paul Mirengoff) Any accounting of the diplomacy between President Trump and Kim Jong Un should take into account not only what was agreed to in Singapore, but also what was agreed to before the summit. It should not take into account mere agreement to strive for denuclearization, prosperity, peace, love, and understanding.
What did Trump get for the United States? The release of three American captives; the return of remains of missing Americans; the cessation, for now, of North Korean nuclear testing; and the destruction, complete or partial, of two (as I understand it) nuclear facilities. We should assume that the two facilities aren’t central to North Korea’s program.
The commitment to cease nuclear testing is inherently verifiable. We will know, without any help from North Korea, whether it has resumed testing.
What did Kim get from the United States? The cessation, for now, of war games. And the prestige associated with

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