Trump Can Gut Obama-Era Labor Regs Because They Were Never Meant to Last

Reason covers the Secretary of Labor Acosta’s decision to eliminate independent contractor rules.
Eliminating a set of Obama administration rules for independent contractors and businesses that operate as franchises took U.S. Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta only three sentences.
That’s because those rules were passed in a way that practically invited their disposal by any future Republican administration.
Business groups welcomed the change. The Obama-era rules were potentially devastating for some small businesses and entrepreneuers and left bigger businesses on the hook for greater liability in future labor law disputes.
The change also serves as another sign the Trump administration is interested in rolling back rules that largely for political reasons to appease unions unnecessarily locked workers into less flexible employment relationships.
In a broader sense, last week’s repeal of the so-called “independent contractor and joint employer rules” is a good example of why organizing an economy by executive fiat creates problematic uncertainty for employers and

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