Trump Gives Hannity a Friendly Pat on the Head (VIDEO)

Aaawww… Who’s a good boy?
Hannity is a good boy, and he’s got the presidential seal of approval to prove it.
Hannity was recently moved back to the 9pm slot in Fox News’ latest lineup shuffle, putting him in direct competition with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.
Maddow had been dominating the 9pm time slot, but since Hannity’s return, he’s done quite well, ratings wise.
On Wednesday, President Trump, seeking safe harbor, appeared on Hannity’s program, where he knew he wouldn’t be challenged, but rather, adored and pampered by an adoring sycophant.
What ensued was a gooey man-love session that would fit quite well with any comedic skit-based programming.
For his loyalty, Trump was willing to reward Hannity with the same kind of praise any of use would show to an obedient dog.
“I will say this, you have been so great,” Trump said to Hannity during their Wednesday interview from Middletown, PA. “I’m very proud of you.”
Seriously… Hannity appeared absolutely

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