Trump Plays Poker Like a Riverboat Pro

Well, so much for protocol, and diplomatic rules, and the “consensus” of the American foreign policy establishment. All of the wisdom of what is called “the Blob” was exposed as nonsense the other day in Singapore, and all of that nonsense just got scattered to the winds. What’s the Blob, you ask? It’s a group of self-described experts in international relations including “current and former government officials, think-tanks, interest groups, and journalists” representing “both neoconservatives and liberal internationalists” who tell us they are wise and indispensable to the global world order.
In a Politico essay by Susan Glasser, the Blob was described as “gossipy and insecure, careerist and insular, prone to creating and then quickly discarding conventional wisdoms and forever struggling to find Big New Ideas in a world that craved them.” Nevertheless, their warnings had to be heeded:
The small world of those whose business it is to care about the world worried about jobs,

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