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Trump Pushes For More Affordable Health Insurance Choices, And Dems Freak?

Health Care: President Trump has taken three important steps that will help make health care more affordable for millions by injecting more choice and competition into the insurance market. The response from Democrats is illuminating.
X In a series of proposed regulatory changes, Trump aims to give consumers options that Democrats want to deny them — options for less expensive insurance that best suits their own health care and financial needs.
One would remove an Obama-era regulation that was designed to thwart the increasingly popular market for “short-term” insurance plans. These plans didn’t comply with ObamaCare’s myriad rules and regulations, which meant they could provide benefits at lower rates.
In ObamaCare’s first year, eHealth reported that sales of short-term insurance offered on its website shot up 134%. Others reported similar surges. These plans continued to surge as ObamaCare premium increases skyrocketed. Middle-class families that aren’t eligible for ObamaCare subsidies — of which there

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