Trump's Environment Rollbacks Won't Stick, Obama's EPA Head Says

Bloomberg discusses President Trump’s rollback of Obama-era environment and climate regulations with Myron Ebell.
President Donald Trump’s moves to roll back Obama-era environmental and climate regulations won’t stick, according to his predecessor’s environmental chief.
Neither the science nor the law is on Trump’s side as the administration moves to repeal rules governing water pollution, carbon-dioxide emissions from power plants and methane leaks from oil and gas wells, said Gina McCarthy, who led the Environmental Protection Agency for nearly four years under former President Barack Obama.
“I don’t think this administration understands how to do a rule in a robust way,” McCarthy said in a meeting with Bloomberg News reporters and editors in Washington. “Nothing that they do here is going to stand up to science scrutiny or legal scrutiny.”

“President Obama and his administration are discovering that what can be done through executive fiat in a rulemaking without legislation by Congress can be undone

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