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Trump’s good advice to GOP: Don’t waste time on immigration reform

(Paul Mirengoff) Yesterday, President Trump advised House Republicans to “stop wasting their time” on immigration bills that can’t pass due to Democratic opposition. It’s sound advice, though late in coming.
As we have reported, the House has tied itself up working on two pieces of amnesty legislation — a sensible bill proposed by Rep. Goodlatte (limited amnesty in exchange for improved enforcement and the slashing of chain migration) and a so-called compromise bill that would grant much broader amnesty in exchange for much less in the way of limiting immigration.
The Goodlatte bill never stood a chance of passing the House. It was defeated on Thursday.
The “compromise” had a chance of passing the House and, conceivably, still might. However, it is dead on arrival in the Senate, where the Democrats will filibuster it.
Thus, I asked why House Republicans should stick their necks out to back broad amnesty legislation, which their base

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