Trump’s New Executive Order Makes It Easier to Buy Insurance Outside of Obamacare

There is something clever, almost cunning, about Obamacare’s policy scheme: It requires unequivocal political support from an administration in order to avoid accusations that the law is being undermined. It is a kind of joint political-policy trap, in which the only solution to the law’s failings is to bail it out.
This is evident in the reaction to the executive order on health care President Trump signed today. Trump’s order is light on specifics, but it is intended to facilitate the expansion of association health plans, which would let trade groups and small businesses band together to purchase health insurance like large employers. These plans would be exempt from some of Obamacare’s rules.
This idea has been floating around Congress for decades. The House passed legislation aimed at expanding association health plans in March of this year, though it was never taken up in the Senate. Over the last several years, it

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