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Trump’s Presidency May Decide the Fate of Socialism in America

Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Last week, the Washington Post ran an opinion piece by Elizabeth Bruenig entitled “It’s time to give socialism a try.”
While such an outlandish idea isn’t necessarily out of place on the Opinion page of the Post (or even in the thick of its news for that matter), Bruenig’s casual suggestion that we simply upend the very foundation of America is indicative of socialism’s increasing normalization among millennials and disenchanted baby boomers.
Given the fact that millennials will soon be America’s largest voting bloc, such flirtations with an economic system wholly antithetical to the founding vision of America are cause for alarm.
What was once a political four-letter word in this country is slowly but surely becoming a mainstream perspective through which to view the world and, more importantly, America’s place in it.
Leftists’ groupthink in universities and the surging popularity of socialist politicians such as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth

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