Trump’s Terrible, Swift Sword

President Trump unveiled a budget Monday that seeks $3 trillion in cuts over the next decade.
What a difference a week makes.
The president signed a bill authorizing increases in domestic spending to secure larger increases in defense spending last week. This followed a State of the Union address petitioning Congress for various spending hikes, including $200 billion in federal funds for a $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan. This week, he targets 12 departments for cuts.
The Departments of Agriculture (-16 percent), Commerce (-6 percent), Education (-10.5 percent), Energy (-3 percent), Health and Human Services (-21 percent), Housing and Urban Development (-18.3 percent), Interior (-16 percent), Justice (-1.2 percent), Labor (-21 percent), State (-26 percent), Transportation (-19 percent), and Treasury (-3 percent) all endure cuts. Defense (+13 percent), Homeland Security (+8 percent), and Veterans Affairs (+11.3 percent) receive increases under the plan.
Several harsh realities make slashing the federal budget necessary.
The government now spends more

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