TSA Caught Violating Civil Liberties (Again)

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has created a secret watch list of individuals who they claim pose potential threats to airport security. This ridiculous “safety precaution” allows the TSA, an unaccountable government agency, to get away with unnecessary and invasive searches and violates travelers’ privacy rights.

One troubling fact about this watchlist is that an individual does not need to have an intent to injure or cause physical pain to a security screener in order to be put on this list. An offense as minor as loitering near security checkpoints can land you a spot on the watch list that will affect all your future travel. It also leads to increased security screenings of family members who travel.

All it takes to be nominated to this watchlist is “reasonable suspicion” on the part of TSA agents. This suspicion can be pulled from places like social media as well, which further damages privacy

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