U.S. planes hit pro-Assad military convoy

(Paul Mirengoff) The New York Times reports that American warplanes in Syria attacked a pro-government convoy today, after it ignored warnings and violated a restricted zone around a base where United States and British Special Forces train Syrian rebels to fight ISIS. American officials say that more than 20 vehicles drove within 18 miles of the al-Tanf base in southern Syria which houses the American and British Special Forces.
This constituted a breach of the so-called deconfliction zone radius around the encampment. That zone was created by an agreement between the United States and Russia. It is intended to avoid military confrontations.
Our military made the right call here. There’s no point in having a “deconfliction zone” agreement if pro-Assad forces can avoid it with impunity.
The pro-Assad forces paid for their violation. Syrian opposition fighters say there were numerous casualties and several vehicles were hit, including at least four

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