U.S. Quietly Admits Covert CIA Role in Iranian Coup

The Trump administration has released a long-suppressed and classified government report disclosing U.S. clandestine action in Iran that outlines America’s role in the country’s 1953 coup, the State Department announced last week in a move that is likely to roil the Islamic Republic.
The report, which details covert U.S. operations in Iran, has been the source of controversy for quite some time, as the former Obama administration had suppressed its publication in a bid to avoid upsetting Iran during diplomatic efforts to foster the landmark nuclear deal.
While a small portion of the report still remains classified, its release marks the first time the United States is officially acknowledging its clandestine role in the 1953 coup against the Iranian government led by Mohammad Mosadeq.
Multiple efforts to force publication of the documents were blocked by the Obama administration during its time in the White House, and it seemed the report would not see

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