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UC Davis Law School Commencement 1978: California Supreme Court Justice Stanley Mosk’s Finest Hour

Saturday will be graduation day at UC Davis Law School (as well as many other law schools). Congratulations to all the graduates!
I don’t know who the Davis graduation speaker will be this year, but forty years ago, it was Justice Stanley Mosk of the California Supreme Court. This raised a hullaballoo. Although students had voted Mosk one of their preferred speakers back in the autumn, he was Public Enemy No. 1 to some students. Calling themselves the “Third World Coalition,” a group of them demanded him to withdraw.
What crime had he committed to cause this left-of-center student outrage? Up until recently, Mosk had been considered one of the most liberal judges on any state supreme court in the country. His credentials as a civil rights activist were impeccable. In his personal life, he had quit fraternal organizations like the Elks and the Eagles to protest their refusal to admit blacks

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