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University Suicide Watch, Part 3

(Steven Hayward) The suicide of the university proceeds apace:
—Item 1 comes from Hiram College in Ohio, which may—gasp!—shrink some tenured faculty positions:
Last December, Hiram College wrote to alumni to assure them that an ongoing academic redesign of the 168-year-old liberal arts college, led by President Lori Varlotta, would proceed in an orderly fashio
oreign language, philosophy and religious studies programs may take the worst hits. “Everybody is scared to death,” one faculty member said. “The morale has just sunk to the pits.”
—Item 2 comes from our pals at crazy Evergreen State College in Washington:
Evergreen State College has announced that it is planning to cut $5.9 million from its budget in an effort to offset a rapidly declining enrollment rate.
The cuts were outlined by President George Bridges in a May 8 memo to the Board of Trustees, and are accompanied by plans to raise various student fees by hundreds of dollars, The Olympian reported

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