VIDEO: Driver grabs dog from vehicle next to his, tosses animal into street amid road rage fight

A driver is seen on video grabbing a small dog from a vehicle next to his during an apparent road rage fight last week, tossing the animal into the street and then re-entering his car before taking off.
In the video, a red Honda is angled left at a white Toyota on Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair, New Jersey, WKXW-FM reported, and two men are fighting. Passengers in a vehicle behind the two cars videotaped the incident.
Image source: Streamable video screenshot
A light-haired man falls after apparently trying to punch the retreating long-haired man, then goes after him again, yelling “What’s your f***ing problem?” and grabbing him and pushing him.
Image source: Streamable video screenshot
While the short-haired man goes to the driver’s side of the white Toyota, the long-haired man opens the Toyota’s passenger door, grabs a small dog and tosses the animal into the street toward the sidewalk.
The dog is seen moments later

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