Virginia Democrat’s ad: After 9/11 the greatest threat to America lived in a cave. Now he lives in the White House.

A fitting, if surreal, note on which to end a day devoted to partisan double standards. If the party roles were reversed here, this is a three-day firestorm. As it is, it’s more of a curio for the media. Which makes sense, since many of them doubtless agree with Dan Helmer’s point. You would think, after 12 months of the Mueller investigation and incandescent Democratic outrage at Russia’s election meddling, they’d reserve “public enemy number one” status for Putin.
There’s method to this madness, though. Helmer’s stuck in a tough primary in Virginia’s 10th District, with the winner to face a formidable Republican in Barbara Comstock. On paper his credentials are as good as they come — West Point, Rhodes scholar, combat vet — but the frontrunner is a state senator and the top fundraiser is another candidate. He needs to make an impression on Democratic voters and he needs to

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