WaPo writer found strategizing with Democrats now exploring new career opportunities

Back around Thanksgiving time, we looked at some groundbreaking reporting from the Washington Free Beacon where they exposed some less than media-neutral activities by one member of the press. Janell Ross, a political reporter for the Washington Post, was found to have participated in a highly secretive, big dollar fundraising and strategy conference for the Democrats. To be clear, Ross was not there reporting on the conference as part of her job. She wrote no articles about it and the WaPo said they didn’t even know that she had gone. She was a participant in the event, even sitting in on one of their panels.
At the time, the newspaper simply said they had “reminded” Ross about their policy regarding reporters participating in events “which could be perceived as” smacking of partisan bias. That’s like needing to remind someone that the Atlantic Ocean may be slightly damp. But either way, they

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