War on Jameis Winston Finds Root in Disturbing Agenda

As Jameis Winston, the Heisman Winning Quarterback, trotted off the field this weekend with the on screen graphics displaying a final score indicating his Florida State Seminoles were victorious, commentator voices could not avoid referencing “off field issues”.  It is actually difficult to hear his name without qualifiers to ensure theNCAA Football: Florida State vs Oklahoma State audience knows neither the media personality nor outlet are fully celebrating Winston because of his “off field issues”.  The sophomore Quarterback of a powerhouse football program who earned both a National Championship and Heisman Trophy during his freshman academic year, and has yet to lose a game often appears more infamous than famous in the media.  Again, this is attributed to those “off field” issues.  Those off field issues include the demonic act of exiting a grocery store without paying for crab legs, and one time this menace to society used vulgar language in the cafeteria, but these are just ammunition for his real crime, which was an allegation of sexual assault.  Yes, an allegation from a person that none of us know has alleged  she was assaulted by Winston, which is a crime that not one of us has a shred of proof occurred has given the media and public a free pass in diminishing the amazing weekly accomplishments of Winston.  The real crime Winston has committed, proven as of today, is he was accused of a sexual assault and not punished before proven guilty.

To be clear, I have no reason to doubt neither Winston nor his accuser.   If a smoking gun appeared tomorrow to convict Winton, or exonerate him; I would not find surprise with either outcome.  I do know this event would not represent the first time a male has sexually assaulted a female on a college campus, especially a self-entitled star athlete, nor would it represent the first time a female has falsely accused a male of sexual assault on a college campus, especially a soon to be rich star athlete.  This knowledge only strengthens the perspective that I know nothing about the events in this case.  Sadly, I also know Winston is only a representative of the enemy in this war; not the star athlete, but the college male in general.  Over the past decade, Grievance Industry heavyweights such as the National Organization of Women (N.O.W.) and those that support their agenda have had great success in pushing college campuses to trend towards removing civil rights of students accused of sexual assault and similar crimes.  The leaders of these campuses, often liberal academics, did not require great efforts of persuasion to adopt the movement.   Those that did need additional encouragement, Grievance Industry operatives utilized embellished claims and questionable statistics to create economic pressure.  Parents do not pay colleges with negative reputations, or those depicted as almost being “rape zones”, to educate their children.  Statistics that demonstrate a female is extremely unlikely to be dishonest in sexual assault claims, but use surveys of women who have made sexual assault claims as a primary research tool is not uncommon.  These efforts were intended to prevent what has taken place at Florida State University.  The allegation should have initiated a “sham” hearing with a predetermined outcome.  That outcome would have been Winston never playing football at Florida State University, or attending class at any college.

Efforts to highlight these common injustices taking place on college campuses by individuals like myself have been dismissed with labels of “bigot” or “misogynist“, yes means yesbut civil liberty minded liberals have began to notice current practices and represent the greatest hope to push back against these practices.  A recent article in the liberal slanted New Republic, Judith Shulevitz highlights multiple cases where the male defendant has been offered little to no opportunity to defend themselves against allegations before severe punishment was delivered.  She goes on to quote feminist Robin Steinberg “We are never sending our boys to college.”, in response to current procedures lacking legal protections for those who are accused of actions such as sexual assault.  The movement was emboldened when an Obama Administration White House task force released guidelines earlier this year which appears to support such discriminatory measures.  The Economist points out that the new guidelines require Colleges and University’s to abandon the standard of “beyond a reasonable doubt” in favor of “preponderance of evidence”, essentially allowing someone to be deemed a rapist if a liberal group that is usually empathetic to the cause feels it is 51% likely that the accused perpetrator actually committed a crime.

The “goal line” for these groups is similar to that of their efforts supporting abortion in they desire to move the decision point and absolve the female of responsibility to prove an allegation.  In the successful transition from supporting abortion, to supporting choice, these same groups moved the decision point of females from before the act of consequence to after they already completed the act.  If you think this goal is extreme, consider recent legislation in California they “supported” in which an individual is not even required to say “no” to sexual action on college campuses, but requires an individual to explicitly affirm every step before acting.  As the law is written, a male could kiss or touch a females clothed body on a date and the female is not even required to say no, or pull away, but later claim she was sexually assaulted because she did not explicitly provide permission for the male to kiss or touch her.  The law masquerades as applicable to both sexes, but it’s target is clearly college males.

As long as Winston continues to throw touchdowns on Saturday, he will remain the target of the most powerful and influential Grievance Industry operatives.  Their war will be waged with the only known facts being an allegation has yet to result ingrievance industry pyramid winston removing him from their field and campus.  As described in the Grievance Industry Pyramid, the power of groups that claim to protect womens rights comes from the ability to influence segments beyond the victim pool.  The New York Times, often a voice for Grievance Industry operatives, signaled a new intensity to the attack on Winston with an article that claimed standard protocols were not followed in the case, the Florida State University Administration may have interfered in the investigation and the investigation was weak at best.  All serve as indictments of the university and law enforcement if proven true, but none implicate Winston is more or less guilty.  General media and sports media outlets fear public attacks from armies of supporters waiting to exploit the first misstep beyond their preferred perspective.  ESPN, the most powerful voice in sports media has long abandoned unbias sports reporting and resembled a hybrid of part SportsCenter, and part The View, has presented Winston in a negative light for months.  Winston’s most recent incredible performance, leading the undefeated Seminoles in a 2nd half comeback to defeat Notre Dame was met with a headline from the New York Times “Florida State’s Jameis Winston Performs Admirably Under Scrutiny, at Least on the Field” and CBS Sport’s Dennis Dodd claiming the performance “forced” his to include Winston on his top 5 list for the Heisman, and describing it as “disturbing”.

The general public has been bombarded with this narrative from the media for months in regards to Winston, but mostly the media has created a circular path of sourcing that has resulted in rehashing old news.  Florida State University recently announced Winston will face a “code of conduct” hearing for the alleged crime, which undoubtedly is a result of FSU wilting to the grievance campaign.  Some have suggested Winston simply leave FSU and prepare for the NFL draft, and reviewing the hearing Winston faces described by Sports Illustrated would cause many to choose that path over the kangaroo court described.  I doubt Winston will consider leaving before the season ends, and it would likely cost him more financially in the draft.  Therefore, we will likely get more of the same for the next few months, or until Winston exits Florida State.  There will be a new target subsequent to Winston, and the real purpose will continue.  Personally, I do not lose much sleep over the effect on Winston if it results from proof he did or did not commit a crime, but we should all lose sleep over college campuses adopting judicial procedures that more resemble those an African American would face in a deep south court room during the 19th Century than a 21st Century college campus.

Florida State v Florida


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