Watch: Axe ad tells men it’s OK to wear makeup, destroys ‘toxic’ masculinity

Men’s brand of personal care products, Axe, released a controversial advertisement campaign highlighting questions that they claim many men privately struggle with.
The video, which was released Wednesday, is titled “Is It OK For Guys?” and features questions that they feel men don’t often ask, but claim to struggle with behind closed doors.
The video opens with the statistic, “72% of guys have been told how a real man should behave.”
Some of the questions that men claim to have wanted to ask include, “Is it OK to not like sports?”, “[Is it OK] to experiment with other guys?”, “Is it OK for guys to be nervous?” and “Is it OK for me to be the little spoon?”
“These are real questions guys are searching every day,” the commercial states, and cites internet searches presumably done by men.
The mission of the “Is It OK For Guys” initiative reads:
“Young guys

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