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Watch: California jewelry store owner thwarts smash-and-grab attempt by pulling a gun

Smash-and-grab thieves stormed a jewelry store armed with hammers and pepper spray, but to their surprise the owner had a gun, KCAL-TV reported.
Were they caught?
Police are still looking for the duo that attempted to rob Dana Kathryn Jewelry in Studio City, California, on May 25, the report states.
Security footage obtained by KCAL shows a man spraying a canister of pepper spray at the owner and two customers. Another man pulled out a hammer and began bashing the jewelry cases.
Victoria Offerman told the TV station she ran into the store after hearing the commotion from a business located next door.
“We all work so hard and it’s not fair for someone to come in and take what’s not theirs,” said Offerman, who works at Emerald Forest.
At one point, one of the suspects swung a hammer at the store owner while she was out of the security camera’s view.
“That changed the game there.

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