Watch: Millennials say they love socialism — but embarrassingly can’t even define what it is

With the help of millennials, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), a self-described “democratic-socialist,” rose to nationwide prominence with the promise of bloated central government and socialized policy.
According to a Harvard University survey conducted last year, a majority of young people ages 18-29 support a socialism-style economic system versus the traditional capitalist-esque economic system in America. Other polls have showed similar results.
So when Campus Reform polled young people in the Washington D.C., area to collect their views on socialism, the responses were far from surprising.
When asked whether they believe socialism is a “good thing” or a “bad thing,” one young woman said: “I think people kind of throw that word around to try to scare you. But if helping people is socialism, then I’m for it.”
“[Socialism] could really benefit our country in the future,” added another.
“Socialism — as a concept, as a philosophy — is good. I think it’s got a bad rap,”

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