Water Cooler 07/12/18 Open Thread; 2nd Amendment Fight In Colorado; Antifa To Get The Klan Treatment

Conservative College Students Suing Boulder To Keep Gun Rights
The millennials can be a pretty depressing lot but there are bright spots and there is hope that they may grow out of it. After all if even college students at boulder, stand up and take action to protect their rights, there has to be a chance that the idea will spread.
Some pro-Second Amendment college students have joined efforts to fight a new ban on assault weapons in Boulder, Colo.
It’s a city known as a haven for left-wing causes, but right-of-center students who call the region home say the ban is unconstitutional and want it reversed, including a 20-year-old CU Boulder student.
A lead plaintiff to overturn the law, which takes effect in January, is 20-year-old Tyler Faye, a member of the CU Boulder Shooting Sports club. He joined the lawsuit because the city’s new ordinance raises the age for legal firearm ownership

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