We Hear You: Put Blame for Opioid Epidemic Where It Belongs

Editor’s note: Our five-part series by Josh Siegel about the opioid epidemic and its devastating effects in one poor New Hampshire county generated ardent responses from readers. Here are some of them.—Ken McIntyre
Dear Daily Signal: The first  part of Josh Siegel’s series on the opioid crisis in Coos County, New Hampshire, struck a chord with me (“This County Switched From Backing Obama to Trump. Here’s What Happened”). West Virginia is a parallel.
Unions had run the state for nearly 100 years. The Legislature had been Democrat for 83 years. President Barack Obama killed the coal industry for the most part. Gov. Joe Manchin, a Democrat, even had his own coal-killing legislation dutifully passed. The state had become toxic to any business except for litigation-shopping trial lawyers.
There is a huge meth-heroin-opioid-alcohol addiction problem in West Virginia. How do you get there? Well, you also can thank the public school system for teaching a lack of

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