We Hear You: The Minimum Wage, Welfare, Medicaid … and Walling Off the Eiffel Tower

Editor’s note: Jarrett Stepman’s commentaries for The Daily Signal ring bells with readers. See for yourself in this selection of responses.—Ken McIntyre
Dear Daily Signal: Jarrett Stepman writes in opposition to Seattle’s having raised the minimum wage: “Lincoln saw the ‘opportunity society’ and reaping the fruits of one’s labor as fundamental to the growth and underlying goodness of America. It was one of the many reasons he so fiercely opposed slavery.”
Yikes, this commentary sounds profoundly trite, and is a poor representation of the fundamental reasons Lincoln fiercely opposed slavery (“Seattle Hiked Its Minimum Wage. Here’s How It’s Impacting Low-Income Workers”). It also is a weak argument supporting the thesis of the article.
I think there can be a reasonable compromise that allows even low-skilled workers to earn a living wage. The problem with $7.50 an hour is that the take-home portion is simply not enough to support a person with even one

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