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What happens if Trump refuses a subpoena from Mueller? Judge Nap has answers

Fox News’ Judge Napolitano explained what would happen if special counsel Robert Mueller issued a subpoena for Trump to testify, and if the president refused to answer it.
Here’s what Judge Nap said
Napolitano was the guest on Fox News’ Outnumbered, and was answering questions about a possible subpoena from special counsel Mueller and whether the president could simply ignore it.
“What happens if the president doesn’t show up for a subpoena?” asked Lisa Kennedy.
“Well they could get an order requiring him to show, and there the Supreme Court is very clear,” Napolitano responded, “if a federal court orders the president to do something, he has to do it.”
“A constitutional crisis”
“If he refuses,” he continued, “then we have a constitutional crisis between two branches – the judiciary and the executive.”
“That’s what happened in United States versus Nixon,” Napolitano explained, “where President Nixon refused to surrender the tapes and

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