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What Makes Larry Kudlow a Star

When I read this afternoon that President Donald R. Trump had settled on Larry Kudlow to replace Gary Cohn as his chief economic advisor, I felt light headed and I recalled a bit of Ancient History.
Caligula, the supposedly mad emperor of Rome for four short years from about 37 AD to about 41 AD, had a favorite horse named Incitatus. As a gesture of insane love for this horse, Caligula made him a member of the Roman Senate, by far the highest legislative body on earth at that time. Further, Caligula was planning to make Incitatus a Consul of Rome, equivalent of, let us say, Secretary of State. But Caligula was assassinated before he could make his horse a Consul.
I think it’s not hard to see why the Caligula-Incitatus example raced through my mind. Larry Kudlow, an affable fellow, has, to many economists, absolutely nil stature as an economic expert.

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