When Kim Jong-un goes back to being Kim Jong-un

The news out of Pyongyang last night certainly wasn’t good, though it remains possible that some sort of progress on the Korean peninsula remains possible. Kim Jong-un’s pronouncement that he was canceling a meeting with Moon Jae-in and calling the summit with President Trump into doubt has definitely roiled the waters. The media seems to be scrambling to either declare Trump a failure (see MSNBC this morning) or figure out whether Kim is playing a larger game or just reverting to his normal state of unhinged madness. Either way, he’s made his move and the ball is back in the court of the White House. (CNBC)
North Korea said it is rejecting Libya-style denuclearization, the North’s state media said on Wednesday.
It also says it will need to reconsider negotiations with the U.S. if the Trump adminstration insists on it giving up its nuclear program.
Citing first vice minister of foreign affairs Kim

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