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Why Corker might un-retire: Internal poll showed Marsha Blackburn trailing Democrat in Tennessee

A follow-up to yesterday’s post about the mystery of Corker’s sudden change of heart. Why on earth would this guy want to return to the Senate, I wondered, knowing that he’s likely to be in the minority sooner rather than later and will be dealing with Trumpsanity on Twitter and beyond until 2021 at the earliest?
Answer: He doesn’t really want to return to the Senate. This is, apparently, a replay of the Rubio recruitment effort in 2016. Rubio wanted to retire from the Senate, lick his wounds after a bruising presidential primary, then head off into a lucrative private-sector career for awhile as he plotted his eventual return to politics (presumably with a gubernatorial run in Florida). The problem was that none of the Republicans angling to replace him as Senate nominee looked likely to beat the Democratic challenger, then-Rep. Patrick Murphy, especially with Trump headed to probable defeat in

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