Why do Leaders in Latin America Keep Getting in Trouble for Corruption?

This week, two major scandals rocked Latin American politics as two former leftist presidents, “Lula” Luiz Inacio da Silva of Brazil (2003-2010) and Ollanta Humala of Peru (2011-2016), face severe charges for their corrupt dealings while they were president.
Lula has been sentenced to nine and a half years in prison for taking 3.7 million reais (1.1 million dollars) from a construction company in exchange for favors. Lula is contesting this charge and has stated that the judge who sentenced him is ignoring other evidence that was presented that would have helped his case. The case with Lula is particularly damaging, as he was a highly beloved president. During his years as president Brazil, skyrocketed onto the world stage. Brazil’s economy boomed, Lula arranged for his country to host major international sporting events, and poverty decreased somewhat due to programs such as Bolsa Familia. One interesting thing about Lula is that,

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