Winning Is for Losers

Democrats sure put a scare in Republicans this week and last. (Normally Republicans get scared just peeking into a mirror — just ask Rep. Jason Chaffetz.) First in Kansas, a Democrat came within 7 points of defeating a Republican in the special election to replace Mike Pompeo, now CIA director whom Roger Stone has taken a perverse disliking to (as is his wont). For Dems, a seven-point loss was deemed as a good as a win, maybe even better than a lopsided triumph. Why none of them has demanded a recount is beyond our IQ.
(Of course, why recount when you’re certain you’ve won by losing? A favorable recount might declare you the winner, and then you’ll know you’ve lost. No Democrat wants to be like President Trump, shorn of all legitimacy because he actually won.)
Then last Tuesday we had the burning in Atlanta. The Sherman? None other than district non-resident

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