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Wisconsin’s Comey-over

(Scott Johnson) We have followed recent events in Wisconsin’s scandalous John Doe investigation of Governor Walker’s allies and supporters here (also citing background on the scandal) and here. State senator Tom Tiffany then updated us on the scandal’s aftermath. Now Senator Tiffany has directed our attention to Matt Kittle’s current MacIver Institute report “In John Doe’s shadow: Showdown looms in bitter battle over bureaucrats’ jobs.”
Senator Tiffany has also forwarded Deborah Hawley Jordahl’s column commenting on current developments. Ms. Jordahl was herself a victim of the secret John Doe investigation. Her home was searched and turned upside down in a pre-dawn raid by armed deputies in 2013 in the course of the investigation; the Wall Street Journal’s Kim Strassel takes up Ms. Jordahl’s ordeal in chapters 19 (“Raid Day”) and 20 (“Fight Club”) of her invaluable Intimidation Game. Ms. Jordahl writes:
What do a former attorney general, two former judges, two licensed

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