Woman says George H.W. Bush groped her in 2003, when she was 16

A leftover from last night but also a pick-me-up for Roy Moore fans dejected by the news of the past week. It’s not just Mr Populism who allegedly got handsy with 16-year-olds. Mr Establishment supposedly did too.
If the accusers are to be believed, this is at least the sixth appearance made by Bush 41’s good friend, “David Cop-a-feel.”
But it’s the first cameo he’s made involving someone underaged.
“As soon as the picture was being snapped on the one-two-three he dropped his hands from my waist down to my buttocks and gave it a nice, ripe squeeze, which would account for the fact that in the photograph my mouth is hanging wide open,” [Roslyn] Corrigan said. “I was like, ‘Oh my goodness, what just happened?’”
Her mother, Sari, said Corrigan told her about the encounter as soon as Bush stepped away…
Within the next few days, Corrigan told her childhood friend Chelsea Wellman about

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