Would AG Sessions Have Sent Ayaan Hirsi Ali Back to Somalia to be Killed?

Ayaan Hirsi Ali has long been a conservative icon for every ill that afflicts the Muslim world from misogyny to religious extremism. She endured genital mutilation at the hands of her orthodox grand mother at the age of five in her native Somalia. And, later, when her family forced her into an arranged marriage to a man she claims she had never met, she fled and sought asylum in the Netherlands to escape the obligatory honor killing that her ex-husband and father’s brothers would have been required to perform as per Somali custom.
Ali eventually settled in the United State and became an outspoken critic of Islam, her story epitomizing the clash of civilization’s between Western liberalism and Muslim fanaticism for the American right. But it’s an open question whether Attorney General Jeff Sessions would grant this conservative darling asylum if she were to petition the United States right now –

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