Yale: The Grown-Ups Show Up

(Steven Hayward) Needless to say the Kavanaugh nomination has sent the left borking mad. And that’s their problem: having changed decisively the politics of Supreme Court confirmations with their egregious treatment of Robert Bork, they are stuck in a box canyon of their own making, with their base expecting them to turn it up to 11 on the Borking Scale with every Republican nominee. I persist in arguing that the Bork tactic could only work once (especially if Republicans have a Senate majority). The rules changed in 1987, and now that we understand that the right will not be caught flat-footed again.
We noted Yale Law School’s beclowning itself over the Kavanaugh nomination (“people will die!TM) a couple days ago, so it is worth noting that the grown-ups have shown up, clearly embarrassed by the silliness of the attacks on Kavanaugh from their students and lesser colleagues on the faculty, with

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