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Yeesh: Stirring defense of Russiagate probe’s legality published by … Kellyanne Conway’s husband

My favorite part of this Carville-and-Matalin routine that the Conways are doing (although they’re both Republicans) is how Kellyanne feigns outrage every time someone confronts her about George’s digs at her boss. It’s sexist, she insists. Yeah? If George Conway were White House counsel and Republican strategist Kellyanne Conway was making occasional Twitter wisecracks implying that his boss is a joke who needs to stop whining about Russiagate, you don’t think George might be asked about it by the media? For cripes sake.
To give you a sense of how deep George Conway’s antagonism to Trump goes, note two things upfront about this piece. First, it begins with him dunking on Trump for a misspelling. And second, of all the outlets in America he could have shopped it to, he chose Lawfare — which is edited by James Comey’s buddy Benjamin Wittes, a hardcore Trump antagonist himself.
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