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‘You guys hurt black people’: School board member called to resign after berating police officer

New Jersey South Orange Maplewood School Board member Stephanie Lawson-Muhammad has drawn criticism over her treatment of a police officer after she was given a citation for speeding.
The dash-cam video recorded by the officer that pulled her over for driving 37 miles per hour in a 25-mile-per-hour zone drew scrutiny not because of her alleged violation, but because of what she said to the policeman.
Once the officer approaches her car, Lawson-Muhammad tells him, “My name is Stephanie Lawson-Muhammad, I’m on the school board, I’m a community member of this town. I’m sorry if I was speeding.” After apologizing emphatically, Mrs. Lawson-Muhammad asks if her daughter may exit the vehicle so that she may proceed to school.
Her daughter is allowed to exit by the officer. After pleading to get her other daughter to school the officer says, “ma’am, I’ll get you out of her as quick as I can.” Lawson-Muhammad then

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